Dragonsmeade Duly Noted

Brown Gelding foaled on March 28, 2017

We were so excited to try a new cross with our Blue Hen mare HVK Obsidian!  We decided to cross her to Jake Ryan, and Leo is better than we imagined!  He is big, stretchy, and has loads of quality!  We are excited to see him mature!

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Jake Ryan
HVK Obsidian

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Greycliff TonyMizrahi
Pompp And Pazazz
Jake Ryan
Erotic DancerTroutbrook Tapdancer
Coalition Erotica
Dragonsmeade Duly Noted
HVK Bell FlaireNoble Flaire
HVK Belleek
HVK Obsidian
HVK Dragon FlyHVK Fieldmarch
HVK Twilight Vigil