Our family has shared a passion for the Morgan horse for over 30 years.  The horses represented on this site reflect the glory of their bloodlines.  The presence speaks for itself.  The future holds great promise.

When we bought the farm in 1999 our concept was simple.  We wanted to build a beautiful barn and farm for our horses and our family.  Our 20 stall barn, designed by Yum Kee Fu, is home for our stallions and many of our broodmares.  We have 100 acres of fenced pastures for our young stock to grow up.

Jan Banks, her assistant Lucio Gonzolas, and their crew care for the horses.  Jerry True cares for our cattle, and Charlie Starr cares for the German Shepherds.  Without them we could not have this farm.  We are grateful for their honesty and hard work for all of these years.

Our trainers, Tim and Kim Roesink and Shayna Louise at Grove Pointe Stables, Mike and Liz Murphy at Legacy Stables, Jim and Jenny Taylor at Memory Lane Farm, Selvin and Gina Torrez at Morgan Horse Farm, and Andrew Beiler at Sunrise Stables are our partners.  Drs. Curnen and Muffy Crisman at Gum Tree Veterinarian Clinic have been giving excellent care for our horse’s soundness since 1988.  All of the local veterinarians and local farriers affiliated with our trainers have given our horses the best care.  We consider all the above our partners with each and every horse.