Dragonsmeade All Dressed Up

When we decided to cross Jasmine to Dressed Up we were so excited to see the foal!  Ariel did not disappoint us!  She is big and has a lot of quality with feminine Morgan lines.  We can’t wait to see her grow up!

Dragonsmeade Avant-Garde

We had fun deciding which first outside stallion to cross our foundation broodmare Dragonsmeade Ibarra!  We decided to cross her with the beautiful Dressed Up GCH.  Avant-Garde, “Eric,” is everything we dreamed of!  He has a gorgeous Morgan head, a correct shoulder and length of neck, and athletic ability.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eric!

Dragonsmeade Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees, “Anna”, is just the filly we were hoping for when Tim Roesink requested the cross between triple crown winning stallion Dragonsmeade Icon’s full sister, Dragonsmeade Euphoria, and the royally bred Basinga!  She is stretchy and refined with beautiful Morgan type.

Dragonsmeade Celestial

When we decided to add Absinthe to our broodmare herd we knew her first foal would be by Axios.  Celestial, “Elsa”, is the result of that cross.  We are impressed by her correct Morgan filly confirmation and exotic, refined beauty.  Not to mention she also inherited all of her grand dam’s show horse attitude!  We are excited for Elsa’s future!

Dragonsmeade Mocha Latte

Ziva is an exotic and hot filly who has a pedigree that is full of beautiful world champions for generations!  Her head is chisled with a near identical star as her dam.  Ziva’s shoulder is correct, and her motion is crisp.  We are eager to see this pretty mare mature!

Dragonsmeade Nehru

Infusion was a joy to show during her world champion show career!  Her first colt, Nehru, has her Morgan qualities with his sire’s curvy masculine power.  We are eager to see this colt mature!

Dragonsmeade Satine

Satine, “Mulan,” is almost a carbon copy of her beautiful older full sister Dragonsmeade Èponine.  She is chocolate brown with a correct shoulder and hip.  Mulan has her sire’s stretch and hinge, and she is very reminescent of her gorgeous maturnal grand dam AFF Evening Episode!

Dragonsmeade Sazerac

We are thrilled with Hereafter’s first foal by Cydon’s Mr. Aristocrat!  O’Malley is a sport with beautiful Morgan type.  Typical of her sire, Dragonsmeade Axios, she has a beautiful shoulder and hinge to her long neck.  It was always fun to show this game multiple world champion classic mare, but what Hereafter lacks is motion.  Cydon’s Mr. Aristocrat was one of the most talented stallions so we decided to make the cross.  O’Malley surpassed our expectations!

Dragonsmeade Starlight

We have been so blessed to have fillies out of our grand foundation mare Dragonsmeade By Design.  We are so pleased with her 2022 filly Starlight!  Starlight is the first black filly out of By Design.  Her two bay full sisters and brother are similar in type and confirmation.  Starlight is more similar to her black full brother, world champion Dragonsmeade Kindred.  We are eager to see this beautiful filly mature.

Dragonsmeade Vesper

Vesper, “Angus”, is a sport!  He has his sire’s length of neck and curve to his pole and his dam’s petite Morgan head.  One can see that he is the perfect combination of our farm’s breeding program with Lynn Peeples extraordinary breeding program.  We are so happy with this cross!