Dragonsmeade All Dressed Up

When we decided to cross Jasmine to Dressed Up we were so excited to see the foal!  Ariel did not disappoint us!  She is big and has a lot of quality with feminine Morgan lines.  We can’t wait to see her grow up!

Dragonsmeade Avant-Garde

We had fun deciding which first outside stallion to cross our foundation broodmare Dragonsmeade Ibarra!  We decided to cross her with the beautiful Dressed Up GCH.  Avant-Garde, “Eric,” is everything we dreamed of!  He has a gorgeous Morgan head, a correct shoulder and length of neck, and athletic ability.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eric!

Dragonsmeade Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees, “Anna”, is just the filly we were hoping for when Tim Roesink requested the cross between triple crown winning stallion Dragonsmeade Icon’s full sister, Dragonsmeade Euphoria, and the royally bred Basinga!  She is stretchy and refined with beautiful Morgan type.

Dragonsmeade Bond

DiNozzo is the first foal Wisteria has had for us, and we could not be any more happy with him!  He is long legged and long necked with a lot of hinge.  Since he is smooth and sleek in a dark coat we have decided to register him as Dragonsmeade Bond.

Dragonsmeade Dress Blues

We are so excited to have a colt by Dressed Up GCH!  We thought he’d cross well with one of our full sister’s to multi world champion Dragonsmeade Icon.  Quintessence is very reminiscent of her multi world champion HVK Obsidian.  Gibbs has his sire’s bright bay, length of neck and leg.  His head is petite and chiseled.  We are excited to see him in the show ring in the near future.

Dragonsmeade Éponine

Delilah is just the filly we dreamed of when we crossed Evening On Broadway with our stud Axios.  She is refined, beautiful, and she has correct Morgan type!  We like her so much we rebred her dam for a 2022 full sibling!

Dragonsmeade Gin Fizz

We are so happy to have Gin Fizz in our fields!  He is out of our favorite lines we have on our farm!  This colt is big and fancy, and we can’t wait to see what he will do when he goes to training.

Dragonsmeade Kismet

Sloan is the kind of foal we were hoping for when we thought of crossing Belle Nuit to Axios.  She has smooth Morgan mare typy lines, and her head is chisled and feminine.  We are eager to see her mature!

Dragonsmeade Latte Da

We had the unique opportunity to bred both dam and daughter to one stallion in 2020.  We bred Balenciaga and her daughter, Wonderstruck, to the big and handsome stud Caffeinated!  We imagined his pedigree would blend well with this mother and daughter.  The first filly born is Latté Da, and she is just what we imagined!  She is big, and has wonderful Morgan mare type!  We are excited to see her mature!

Dragonsmeade Nehru

Infusion was a joy to show during her world champion show career!  Her first colt, Nehru, has her Morgan qualities with his sire’s curvy masculine power.  We are eager to see this colt mature!