Dragonsmeade First Light

Chestnut Gelding foaled on May 5, 2018

We liked Midori’s filly by Axios so much we repeated the cross for a 2018 foal.  Nemo couldn’t be more different than his full sister Dragonsmeade Love Note!  He has a lot of chrome and he is extreme while she has no white and is typey.  Both are lovely!  Nemo is in training at Memory Lane, and we are excited to see him grow up!

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Dragonsmeade Axios
Dragonsmeade Midori

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And The Beat Goes OnSimply Maserati
JLS Deer Sal
Dragonsmeade Axios
HVK ObsidianHVK Bell Flaire
HVK Dragon Fly
Dragonsmeade First Light
MizrahiHVK Bell Flaire
Dragonsmeade Midori
Queen's Mercy MeQueen's First Empression
LCS So Fine