Dragonsmeade Griffin

Bay Stallion foaled on February 19, 2020

We liked our filly by JW Standing Tall so much we decided to cross Dragonsmeade Icon’s oldest full sister to him for the 2020 foaling season.  The resulting foal is Griffin!  We are hopeful he will be able to remain a stallion so we can infuse his bloodlines back into several of our mare’s pedigress.  Regardless, his future at our farm is exciting!

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JW Standing Tall
Dragonsmeade Euphoria

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Hollybrook Stage RageCedar Creek Harlequin
Bery Banke Arboria
JW Standing Tall
JW Town MissMan About Town LPS
JW Miracle Miss
Dragonsmeade Griffin
MizrahiHVK Bell Flaire
Dragonsmeade Euphoria
HVK ObsidianHVK Bell Flaire
HVK Dragon Fly