Dragonsmeade L'Etoile

Chestnut Mare foaled on January 30, 2018

Eclipse is our second foal by Vendome, and we are thrilled to have her! Her bloodlines are full of horses from our personal history with the Morgan horse.  She has raw natural park motion, and she is as hot as her pedigree would suggest!

Dragonsmeade Vendome
Dragonsmeade's High Drama

Full Pedigree

Dradonsmeade Logo Pedigree

Dragonsmeade AxiosAnd The Beat Goes On
HVK Obsidian
Dragonsmeade Vendome
Dancity Gracious RemarkTroutbrook Hallmark
Dancity Amazin Grace
Dragonsmeade L'Etoile
HVK Bell FlaireNoble Flaire
Bar-T Bermuda
Dragonsmeade's High Drama
Cedar Creek SoliloquyI Will Command
Cedar Creek Obsession