Dragonsmeade Lothario

Brown Gelding foaled on April 19, 2011

We are very excited about Milo! With the exception of being much bigger, he is almost identical to his sire Dragonsmeade Fusion.  He is being worked for the English pleasure division. We may show him in-hand for the 2015 show season.

Dragonsmeade Fusion
Dragonsmeade Annalise

Full Pedigree

Dradonsmeade Logo Pedigree

HVK Bell FlaireNoble Flaire
HVK Belleek
Dragonsmeade Fusion
Cedar Creek PirouetteI Will Command
Cedar Creek Beloved
Dragonsmeade Lothario
HVK PavarottiNoble Flaire
Saddleback Su Prano
Dragonsmeade Annalise
HVK Dragon FlyHVK Fieldmarch
HVK Twilight Vigil