Dragonsmeade Starlight

Black Mare foaled on March 7, 2022

We have been so blessed to have fillies out of our grand foundation mare Dragonsmeade By Design.  We are so pleased with her 2022 filly Starlight!  Starlight is the first black filly out of By Design.  Her two bay full sisters and brother are similar in type and confirmation.  Starlight is more similar to her black full brother, world champion Dragonsmeade Kindred.  We are eager to see this beautiful filly mature.

Dragonsmeade Axios
Dragonsmeade By Design

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And The Beat Goes OnSimply Maserati
JLS Deer Sal
Dragonsmeade Axios
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Dragonsmeade Starlight
MizrahiHVK Bell Flaire
Dragonsmeade By Design
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