Dragonsmeade Sweet Dreams

Black Mare foaled on February 11, 2023

Annie is just the type of filly we expected from this cross!  She has all the Morgan curves from And The Beat Goes On get and classic stretch from Obsidian.  We also love that she has the spunk and motion from our longtime family friend’s revered farm bred mare Queen’s River Private Party.  We are so happy Jennifer Hendricks McCrory bought Annie!

Dragonsmeade Axios
Queen's Private Party
Jennifer McCrory

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And The Beat Goes On Simply Maserati
JLS Deer Sal
Dragonsmeade Axios
HVK Obsidan BHOFHVK Bell Flaire
HVK Dragon Fly
Dragonsmeade Sweet Dreams
Merriehill Home Stretch GCHTug Hill Whamunition
Futurity Chicago Whitesox
Queen's Private Party
Queen's Gracious MeMizrahi
Queen's Mercy Me