Dragonsmeade Valdisere

Bay Stallion foaled on May 1, 2024

Since 2023 was the first year we bred Dragonsmeade Invictus we carefully selected well bred mares.  Thankfully, 2023 was also the first year we set up a lease deal with our friends at Kohler Stables.  His confirmation is correct, he is smooth bodied, and he is beautiful.

Dragonsmeade Invictus
HVK Noble Ring

Full Pedigree

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Dragonsmeade IconMizrahi
HVK Obsidian
Dragonsmeade Invictus
Dragonsmeade Sweet EmotionDragonsmeade Axios
Christinia Dellarose
Dragonsmeade Valdisere
HVK Brass Ring GCHZZ Top
HVK March Belle
HVK Noble Ring
HVK Noble BelleHVK Bell Flaire